Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun free things for kids, Part I

I liked Sesame Street when I was little, but I like it even more now because it is the one thing - and a FREE thing! - that can keep our kid occupied for more than two minutes (aside from going to the park - but, contrary to what he wants us to believe, we can't spend 24/7 at the park). Supposedly, it will also educate him and build his self esteem. Every day at lunch, he eats his beloved macaroni and cheese and watches his beloved furry red and blue friends (Elmo and Cookie Monster).

If you go to the Sesame Street website, you can find not only the modern stuff (like Chris Brown singing with Elmo...), but also archives of the oldies and goodies that used to entertain us older folks (though to be quite honest, Monsterpiece Theatre seems a little...boring now).

Observation: Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird get very little air time these days.

Here is our son's current favorite. Feist, in his eyes, is almost as good as Elmo:

Feist counts to four

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