Saturday, March 7, 2009

Favorite free activity

While we are waiting and saving (for who knows how long) to buy a boat so that we can live on the waves, we're spending a lot of time at our local parks. That's our favorite ***free*** activity. Sometimes we hang out and chat while we let our son run around, and sometimes we all go for a jog or a long walk.

Can free get much better than this? It'll be beautiful in the summer and fall, but it's pretty now, too:

What's your favorite frugal-friendly, free activity?


  1. The library! Ours has passes to local museums and parks that you can check out with your library card, too!

  2. We do have library cards, and our library has some great programs. Right now, our son is so loud and so active that I am kind of afraid to take him. He leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes.