Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sticking with it

Just a quick, personal update, since a couple of people gave me advice regarding my job dilemma: I didn't quit anything. :-) I'd say that's a sign of maturity; three years ago, I would have probably quit without a second thought. Maybe I've become more aware of how much my current decisions can affect me years down the line.

That said, I am still pretty displeased with the situation. As any working parent knows, trying to juggle a job (two jobs, in this case), a kid, a relationship, and a house, plus the ten zillion other little things life throws at us, is not easy. I feel like everyone is getting a piece of my time except me. Even when I do have "down time," I tend to be thinking about all the stuff I have to do in an hour, or later in the day, or later in the week.

What I plan to do this week is ask for some time off. I *think* my employer will be amenable to this; at least, the company was amenable to such things when I first signed on. If they don't want to allow me a break, I'll have to reconsider and go from there. But even a short breather from this one contract will recharge me and get me energized for the rest of the summer and the fall, too.

It's such a strange time... I'm thrilled to have these job opportunities, and they've really helped our financial situation... but I'm also completely overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted.

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