Sunday, May 17, 2009

Five of my favorite frugal-friendly things

1. Cheap wine that still tastes good: Penfold's runs at about $6 a bottle, sometimes less. And see how the glass looks kind of warped? Yeah. It was cheap, too.

2. Netflix: It keeps us out of the theater.

3. Cleaning supplies: Cheap and environmentally friendly! The combination of the two works especially well on plastic showers and tubs. I also use the baking soda to clean out the kitchen sink.

4. Dental floss: This cost me about a dollar. If I use it on a consistent basis, it'll save me hundreds of bucks in dental procedures. We have a bare-bones dental insurance plan, so this stuff is well worth it!

5. Inexpensive toys that entertain my son and promote exercise and/or learning: He received this as a birthday present about a month ago and has played with it every day since then. He thinks it's fun to bounce it off his parents' heads. Bonus: it doesn't scratch the floors. 

True, some of these aren't necessities, but for us, they're the financial equivalent of "healthier alternatives."

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