Friday, June 19, 2009

A good day

Some days are hectic, anxiety-ridden, and less than fun. In the last six months, I've had more of those days than I'd have liked. Because we're trying to spend less money, I haven't been able to make myself feel better by buying stuff the way I used to. But today was a good day: balanced, focused, and satisfying. And frugal - or mostly so, anyway. 

Our day:

-Our son woke up congested, with a mild fever. We called our doctor, who told us he had no openings. Trent decided to go instead to The Little Clinic at our local Kroger store, where a nurse practitioner saw our son right away and diagnosed him with allergies. The visit was about $65, much less than a trip to the walk-in clinic we usually go to. Knowing there's affordable medical care around the corner is a relief in itself!

-My husband went to the library to work. I spent the morning and early afternoon coloring, playing cars, snacking on crackers and string cheese, watching an Elmo video, and looking at picture books with our son. I've had more uninterrupted time to spend with him lately, and it's been really nice.

-Trent came home, and I went to my little office (a desk in our bedroom) to get some of my own work done. Relaxed and refreshed, I knocked out my tasks in a couple of hours.

-Ate dinner: cheese sandwiches and carrot sticks!

-My neighbor, also a mom to a toddler, stopped by with her little boy and invited us on a walk. My day ended with a friendly, comfortable chat and some exercise.

I'm not a very "Zen" person (I'm more of a Type A personality), so when life decides to grant me a zen kind of day, I'm thrilled. :-) I feel like I accomplished a lot, spent quality time with my kid, met my work obligations, and had some time to myself, too.


  1. I found your blog via Cruisers Forum.... enjoy the Zen!

  2. :-D I enjoy it when I can get it!

    Thank you for stopping by!