Sunday, January 25, 2009

Staying motivated

On any given boring, humdrum day, there are several publications and websites that help us stay energized about, and focused on, our sailing dreams. In no particular order, here they are:

Cruising World Magazine -  Cruising World is a magazine for "cruisers" - people who sail full time - and wannabe cruisers. The print magazine is (in our opinion) better than the website, but we like to check out the articles and pictures. 

Cruiser's Forum - I signed us up for this forum a few months ago and was initially intimidated by the number of people there who can call themselves real sailors. I was afraid to post anything for fear of being laughed out of the discussion (at that time, I had no idea what terms like "tack," "jib," and "spinnaker" meant). Now that we've taken sailing lessons and done a little sailing on our own, I've started commenting on some of the posts. This site contains a lot of advice, a lot of encouragement, and a lot of messages from people who desire to live off the beaten path. It's nice to know we aren't alone in that respect.

SetSail - This is a collection of blogs written by individuals, couples, and families who are currently sailing. It's a little slow right now, but it should pick up in a couple of months. Our favorites are the family blogs, as we'll eventually be sailing with our son.

Seven Seas Cruising Association - This site is really for people who are already cruising, but it has a discussion area for sailing and finances. Oh, and it provides updates on piracy issues. 

And finally...

Sailboat listings - I spend way too much time looking at this site. Still, there *are* a lot of great boats out there that don't cost a ton of money. It gives me hope.

These sites serve as reminders that help keep us focused and hopeful.


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