Saturday, January 24, 2009

The pros cons of being sick for three weeks straight

First there was the post-vacation cold.
Then there was my severe allergy from hell.
Now it's the stomach flu (Trent and our son have had it; I'm trying to avoid it and have washed my hands raw in an effort to slough off the germs).

Three weeks, maybe a little more than that, of illness. I hate being sick. I hate feeling lousy. I hate laundering pukey clothes. I hate being stuck in the house. I hate not being able to eat what I like to eat and/or not being able to taste what I like to eat.

But it's not all bad. Being sick has its benefits:

Pro: We've filled up our gas tank only twice in January.
Pro: We've avoided spending money at restaurants.
Pro: We've had time to read all the magazines we subscribe to (relatives have purchased a lot of these subscriptions for us), but which often lie around the house untouched.
Pro: We've no desire to hit up the wine and liquor store.
Pro: Our grocery bill decreased.

That's my attempt at looking for the silver lining. Of course, the money we've saved in those respects will probably go right into higher heating and electricity bills (sometimes, laundry really does require a lot of hot water, and it takes energy to keep the humidifier going night after night).

Here's hoping for happier, healthier days very, very soon.


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